written by  Jane Gilchrist
directed by  Gabor Zsigovics

RATAMACUE tells a story of love and redemption that begins with the meeting of a teenager deterred by his limited intellect and a college professor crippled by his emotional and professional failures...(Continue reading)

Mes chers amis


poetry performance
created by Bobo Vian
based on poems by d'Attila József
directed by Gabor Zsigovics

MES CHERS AMIS (MY DEAR FRIENDS) was a bilingual performance based on the poetry of Attila Jozsef dealing with fascism and imperialism seventy years ago vs. the present, as well as the fatal effects of exclusion and discrimination...(Continue reading)

The Box Man


by James R. Wallen and G. Zsigovics
based on the work of KOBO ABE
directed by Gabor Zsigovics

Kobo Abé’s THE BOX MAN relates to our contemporaries’ taking pleasure out of peeking into the private lives, sufferings and humiliation of their fellow human beings while safely hidden in their box....(Continue reading)

Soap Opera


by György Spiró
directed by Gabor Zsigovics

The setting is modern-day,post-communist Hungary. A 'Woman' is visited by a sales agent ('Man') who tries to sign her up for a Jewish reparations scheme...(Continue reading)

The Party


written by Jane Gilchrist
directed by Gabor Zsigovics

Three men – desperately looking for a party. Hungry for music, dance, drinking and good times. They need to celebrate – just like everybody else. Us, them, everybody...(Continue reading)

The Tragedy of Man


by Imre Madách
translation : George Szirtes, Gabor Zsigovics, Robert Zend
directed by Gabor Zsigovics

THE TRAGEDY OF MAN was a collaboration of thirty professional artists and practitioners is staged to celebrate the new millennium and the 1000th anniversary of the Hungarian state...(Continue reading)



from Peter Hacks
translated and directed by Gabor Zsigovics

Q-Art Theatre produced Peter Hacks' play LOTTE, for one actor and a puppet, at the first Montreal High Lights Festival. Gabor Zsigovics translated the play from German into English...(Continue reading)

L’Impromptu d'Outremont


by Michel Tremblay ( in Hungarian )
translated by Gabor Zsigovics

Michel Tremblay’s L’IMPROMPTU D’OUTREMONT has been translated into Hungarian and put on stage by director Gabor Zsigovics. The play itself takes place during a birthday party for the youngest of four sisters living in the Outremont neighborhood of Montreal...(Continue reading)

Just Fine


by Bobo Vian based on Zsuzsa Romváry's
Zsuzsa Not Zsazsa

Following the Hungarian Revolution of 1956, a refugee named Romváry has emigrated to Canada with her family. She discusses aspects of coping with homesickness, confusion and disappointment in this unfamiliar land through an unfalteringly humorous lens...(Continue reading)



by István Örkény

CATSPLAY by István Örkény, a witty, absurd Hungarian comedy, was staged at Centaur 1, directed by Gabor Zsigovics. The play deals with the elderly people’s desperate need for love, compassion and happiness...(Continue reading)

Diary of a Madman


by Nikolai Gogol / Gabor Zsigovics

DIARY OF A MADMAN has been adapted by Gabor Zsigovics from Nikolai Gogol's short story by the same title. He distilled this tale by the Russian writer into a play for one actor, presented as a "Theatrical Essay."..(Continue reading)

The Maid(s)


by Jean Genet / Gabor Zsigovics

THE MAID(S) was a performance for one actress was adapted by Gabor Zsigovics from a play by the French dramatist, Jean Genet...(Continue reading)

Twelve Angry Men


by Reginald Rose

The play TWELVE ANGRY MEN is a courtroom drama in which a young man has been convicted of murdering his father. It is up to a panel of twelve anonymous jurors to reach a unanimous verdict that will either set him free or condemn him to the death penalty...(Continue reading)



by Euripides

The ancient Greek tragedy MEDEA was adapted by Scott Burke of the Q Art Theatre Co-op. It tells the story of a woman (Medea) scorned by her husband (Jason) who has just left her and their two sons for Glauke, the daughter of Creon, King of Corinth...(Continue reading)

The Accidental Death of an Anarchist


by Dario Fo

THE ACCIDENTAL DEATH OF AN ANARCHIST was written by the Nobel Prize-winning Italian satirist Dario Fo...(Continue reading)

Alas, Poor Fred


de James Saunders

Described as a duologue in the style of Ionesco, ALAS, POOR FRED was written by English dramatist, James Saunder and has been directed by Q-ART’s Richard Malouin...(Continue reading)

Chamber Music


by Alfred Kopit

Set in an insane asylum in 1938, eight women gather to prepare for an impending attack from the men's ward. The women represent notable female figures from disparate historical periods; Gertrude Stein, Joan of Arc, Susan B. Anthony, Queen Isabella I of Spain, Mozart's wife Constanze, silent-film actress Pearl White, explorer Osa Johnson and Amelia Earhart, who has just recently disappeared...(Continue reading)

Wolfgang’s Night


by Vidal Alcolea

Visiting Rights


de James R. Wallen

VISITING RIGHTS, a new Canadian play by James R. Wallen, a tragi-comedy of "small town" terrorism, directed by Gabor Zsigovics....(Continue reading)

The Box Man


by James R. Wallen and G. Zsigovics
based on the work of KOBO ABE
directed by Gabor Zsigovics

Kobo Abé’s THE BOX MAN relates to our contemporaries’ taking pleasure out of peeking into the private lives, sufferings and humiliation of their fellow human beings while safely hidden in their box....(Continue reading)

Stories of Mr. Keuner


based on the work of Bertolt Brecht
de Gabor Zsigovics

STORIES OF MR. KEUNER, a musical cabaret based on Bertolt Brecht’s poetry and prose, created and directed by Gabor Zsigovics.  Allen Cole composed the original music...(Continue reading)

The Crystal Bridge


by Vidal Alcolea and Luciano Iacobelli

THE CRYSTAL BRIDGE is a play examining the often-tortured psychology of emigrants. The main character, an old immigrant man named Juroslav, lives alone. His only friend is a rabidly catholic Italian immigrant, also without family, named Luyigi. Juroslav is plagued by horrible memories of the war...(Continue reading)



by James R. Wallen

SMIRKS is a play that brings its audience on strange subway journey that ends in tragedy...(Continue reading)

The Connexion to Mr. Chekhov’s Three Sisters


based on Chekhov’s Three Sisters
by Gabor Zsigovics

THE CONNEXION TO MR. CHECKHOV`S THREE SISTERS, a “Theatrical Essay” directed by Gabor Zsigovics.  Mr. Zsigovics adapted Chekhov’s THREE SISTERS into an avant-garde performance for one actress...(Continue reading)



from Slawomir Mrozek
Gabor Zsigovics directing debuts in Canada